Essential dart apps for your BlackBerry and PlayBook

For some people, the best use of a BlackBerry smartphone with darts is to throw one into the other. While that would provide some cathartic relief, it probably isn’t the best way to treat an electronic device, frustrating as it might be. There is some good news, though. BlackBerry has released a whole new line of devices, plus a tablet, that definitely stack up. They might not be as pretty as the iPhone, but this time around the BlackBerry gets the job done. Maybe you can even use one as a supplement to your next dart game.

While there aren’t too many uses for a smartphone in a game of darts, there is one clear implementation: scoring. Sure, you have your chalkboard and have used it since you threw your first dart. Heck, on that first throw you might well have hit the chalkboard. If you’re sick of the chalk and the slate, here’s a scoring app for your BlackBerry smartphone — we recommend the BlackBerry Dakota, a/k/a the Bold 9930 or 9900 — plus one for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

Win At Darts

The app title is simple enough, and the concept is too. Instead of writing your scores on the chalkboard you enter the information into the app. How does this provide an advantage over the chalkboard? Well, for one, it will make you feel like you’re getting more out of your BlackBerry. But more importantly, it can provide you with some information that you’d otherwise need to calculate in your head.

That is, Win At Darts lets you set which type of game you want to play — 101, 301, 501, 701, or 1001 — and then produces the out shots you’ll need to win. Sure, any seasoned dart vet can figure this out, but if you’re out with buddies and you’ve had a couple it might come in handy. It also provides you with stats on your game, and everyone likes to glance at how well they’re doing.

As if that weren’t enough, Win At Darts also includes a darts arcade game. No, it won’t improve your shot, but it can provide you some entertainment while you’re waiting on line. You can get Win At Darts at BlackBerry App World for $2.99.

Dart Scorer Pro

The greatest feature of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is its portability. You can fit the thing in your inside coat pocket, or even in the back pocket of your jeans. It’s that small. That means you can tote it to the bar when you and your buddies are throwing a few rounds. If you can do this you can take advantage of a powerful scoring application called Dart Scorer Pro.

As with Win At Darts, Dart Scorer Pro lets you set up different scoring games, from 301 through 901, and calculates your optimal next throw. In addition, it scores both simple and scoring Cricket games. That makes life much easier, since you just have to enter in your throw. Dart Scorer Pro takes care of tallying up points and letting you know where the game stands. As the developer advertises, it allows you to keep your head clear and focus on throwing darts. Again, this is perfect in a pub setting, where thinking might not come easy.

While Dart Scorer Pro does not include an arcade darts game, there is a different app available, called Bullseye. It’s a little limited in which game types you can play, but it kills time all the same. Best of all, both apps add up to the cost of Win At Darts. You can get Dart Scorer Pro for $1.99, and then get Bullseye for 99 cents.

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