Essential dart apps for your BlackBerry and PlayBook


For some people, the best use of a BlackBerry smartphone with darts is to throw one into the other. While that would provide some cathartic relief, it probably isn’t the best way to treat an electronic device, frustrating as it might be. There is some good news, though. BlackBerry has released a whole new line […]

Seven Rockin’ Dartboards

Rockin darts

Watch any major dart tournament and you will see that loud music, whether it be the players’ intro music or the TV theme music, has become an integral part of the proceedings. It seems that darts and music go together like ale and pickled onions, a veritable match made in heaven. I’ve been racking my […]

Silly World of Darts Gimmicks

basketball darts

There’s no escaping products that have been “enhanced.” Whether it be an officially licensed product emblazoned with logos, or just a new take on something old, there will always be someone out there who’s looking to take your money. There was a time when the only bit of flash you had on your darts was […]