How to Play Cricket (Darts) – The Complete Beginner’s Guide


Cricket is considered one of the most popular dartboard games. Not only does it require dart-throwing skills, but it also involves considerable strategy. There are many variations to cricket as well, so players can always keep the game fresh. The premise behind all versions is that only certain numbers are considered in play. In traditional […]

Testing out the Heart of Dartness…The horror…the horror…


Darts is all about the numbers, and for most games, having a higher score than your opponent each round greatly increases your chances of winning. You should know already that the highest score on the dartboard that can be made with a single dart is the triple 20, giving you 60 points, but is this […]

Killer – or at least that’s what I call it


Here’s a great party game you can play when you have a large number of people wanting to throw some darts. I have always called the game Killer, but after checking out the rules for other dart games, I’ve found there are a few different games that go by that name. Not one I’ve found […]

Kings of Cricket


Oh, how I love to play cricket! Out of all the games you can play with darts, this is still my favorite. My friend, C, and I are so obsessed with playing cricket that we have mammoth tournaments of it. When we first became dart buddies, it started out as a best of five. Neither […]