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The Viper brand name is owned by GLD Products, Inc. Based out of Muskego, Wisconsin, GLD Products has been making home gaming equipment for over 30 years.

Their products include pool and billiards table, table games such as air hockey and foosball, and they also make poker tables and equipment for your home casino.

The Viper brand is part of GLD Products' extensive line of darting products, which includes other brand names like Laserdarts, Elkadart, and FatCat.

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The Viper dartboards line consists mainly of electronic dart boards designed for use with soft-tip darts. All Viper electronic dart boards come with an AC adapter, darts, spare tips, and a game manual.

The Viper Eclipse and Viper Solar Blast models are both regulation 15.5” dartboards that feature 25 games with scoring for up to eight players, and scoring for cricket. The Eclipse model also features player handicapping and dart averaging.

For more games and support for up to 16 players, also check out the Viper Luna model, which has scoring for 30 games, including quick keys for 301 and Cricket.

If you want a larger variety of games, check out the Mercury, Neptune, and Pisces models as they have 39 games with 178 options and support scoring for up to 16 players. These are all regulation-sized dartboards that feature a large 6.6” LCD display for scoring.

The Viper Mercury features an integrated cabinet design with scoring built into one door, and dart storage in the other. It also has a built-in voice recorder that will call out your name when it's your turn.

The Viper Neptune and Viper Pisces electronic dart boards both offer quick keys for 301 and cricket, as well an auto player change feature. The only difference between these two models is that the Neptune comes pre-installed in its own cabinet.

Also under the Viper brand, you will find the Summit bristle dartboard, a more traditional board for use with steel-tip darts.

Other Product Offerings

Viper has a good selection of darts to fit your needs. Viper darts are available in both steel and soft tipped options. If you prefer steel-tip, they have nickel/silver and tungsten barrels with weights ranging from 20-28 grams in a variety of shapes. Their larger selection of soft-tips ranges from 16-19 grams, and even includes a brass set. In both soft-tip and steel-tip darts, look for the Pink Lady series. A portion of the sale of these darts will be sent to a breast cancer foundation.

Viper also offers a couple of dartboard cabinets. One is a freestanding storage unit, and the other is wall-mounted, complete with a storage drawer. You will also find the Viper name on other dart accessories like shafts and throw lines.

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  1. Robert Lieb says:

    Our Eclipse dartboard worked great for 2 months until an errant dart hit one of the display windows, pierced the flimsy plastic cover and broke the LED display. If it wasn’t for this it would get 5 stars for quality.

  2. Sonny Day says:

    My wife and I are retired , we have used your Viper boards at least 8yrs . we would buy one or someone would get us one for Christmas . We play daily , I am 67 my wife is younger, let’s leave it there. The boards in the past have all lasted a year or longer, this board started not working properly in just 4 months. We love your boards but can’t buy one every few months. What’s up with it going bad so soon?

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