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Halex opened its first manufacturing facility at the turn of the 20th century just outside London in an area known as Hale End. It is from Hale End that the name Halex was derived. One of the products they produced was a colorful toy ball from a then-new plastic called celluloid.

These balls became popular with the rapidly growing pursuit of table tennis, and as such were a precursor to the modern-day table tennis ball. The brand name Halex should be familiar to many table tennis players as they have been making top quality table tennis products for many decades. Their 3-Star table tennis ball is widely used in the sport of table tennis and is known as an industry standard. The Halex brand is currently owned by Regent Sports Corporation and, as well as producing a full range of table tennis products, they produce a large range of table games and electronic board games.

In addition, the Halex dartboard line also provides a variety of dartboards and darting products, and they have become one of the leading brands in electronic dartboards.

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Halex specializes in electronic dartboards and they have a great selection to fit everyone’s needs.

The CricketView series of Halex electronic dartboards all come in their own dartboard cabinet and feature a unique X/O scoring display built into the cabinet doors. The CricketView Pro 8000 comes in a mahogany-finished cabinet that features a storage drawer. This model will accept both steel- and soft-tip darts, and comes with two sets of each. This board allows play for 37 different games with 184 variations, and also adds a trash talk feature to the fun. One standout feature of this board is the laser-projected toe line that eliminates the need for measuring.One of Halex’s top sellers is the CricketView 5000. This features the new BristleTech surface that allows for play with both soft-tip and steel-tip darts, both included with the board. This electronic dartboard has 37 games with 210 variations including solo games.

Also in the CricketView series is the CricketView Softech 2000. This board includes four sets of soft-tip darts, but will accept steel-tip darts as well. This dartboard has 30 games with 174 variations and displays two players’ scores at a time.The unique Halex Lightning Strike Wireless and Wireless Phantom BristleTech both feature unique detachable scoring consoles that can be mounted away from the board. Both boards have numerous games and a set of darts so you can start playing right away.

Rounding out the selection of Halex electronic dart boards is the Titan XT. This is designed for use with soft-tip darts only. This model has scoring for up to 16 players, and a large overhead scrolling display. There are 41 games with over 218 variations, as well as X/O displays for cricket scoring. This feature-packed electronic dartboard also comes with darts, replacement soft-tips, toe line, and measuring tape.

In addition to Halex’s lineup of electronic dartboards, they also offer a bristle board and for children, themed magnetic dartboards.

Other Product Offerings

Halex offers a full complement of both soft- and steel-tip darts to help you find the right fit. They also offer attractive cabinets to mount your dartboards. Although some of their CricketView models blur the line between just a dartboard and dartboard packages, Halex also offers some other complete packages.

You can get a bristle dartboard complete with dartboard backboard or cabinet, and they offer the Titan XT board in a few different styles of full floor-standing cabinets. Another unique product they offer is a free-standing dartboard cabinet that features a foldaway pinball game in the bottom half.

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  1. Do not buy. The darts have a common problem of bouncing out of board and boards do not last. Company does not stand behind product, there solution was to throw dart harder.

  2. justin small says:

    dart board froze up will not work they will not replace it over 100 dollars

  3. I have a halex crossfire dart board. Overall the board is durable and has long battery life which is great. My problem with this is the option of playing the computer. When you play the computer level 5 (which is suppose to be the easiest) I am still losing and I am a good shot… I average over 2 marks per round on a regular basis and the computer even at its easiest level still beats me more than I beat it. That makes no sense at all. If its suppose to be the beginner level and I am a good player then why is the difficulty still set so high even on easy? You should seriously consider fixing this problem.

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