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Arachnid is the company at the forefront of electronic darting technology. They are the originators of electronic dartboards and the soft-tip darts system.

Today, Arachnid, Inc., concentrates on manufacturing large, arcade-style darting machines and software used to record team and league stats across a network of machines. Arachnid is also very active in promoting the advancement of soft-darts through their magazine, The BullShooter, and by sponsoring The World Challenge of Champions, as well as organizing other tournaments that allow local league players to rise through the ranks.

The Arachnid name also graces some of the best electronic dartboards for home use. These dart boards are no longer made by Arachnid as their consumer division was acquired by DMI Sports in 1999. If you are looking for a name to trust in electronic darts, make sure you check out the Arachnid selection of dartboards and soft-tip darts.

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DMI Sports produces the range of Arachnid electronic dart boards for home use. All these dartboards can support up to eight players and feature micro-thin dividers to reduce bounce-outs. All Arachnid dartboards come with darts to get you started as well as an AC adapter, mounting hardware, game rules, and operating manual.

Spearheading the lineup is the feature-packed Arachnid CricketPro 800 electronic dart board. This regulation-sized board features 40 game options with seven variations of cricket scoring, dart averaging, and player handicapping. The segments are made of NylonTough to greatly increase the playability and durability of the board.

The unique display on this board features X/O marking for cricket games and displays up to four players at a time. This board also allows you to record your own name, which the computer will call out when it’s your turn, and when broadcasting sarcastic heckling for poor throws.

The Arachnid CricketPro 750 is a regulation-sized board that has many of the same features of the CricketPro 800. The main differences are that this board only has 36 games (including five cricket games), tri-color LEDs are used to mark cricket numbers, and this board does not do dart averaging.

The regulation-sized Arachnid Inter-Active 6000 features 27 built-in games, has displays for two players at a time, cricket scoring, heckler options, and voice prompt for players to throw.

The CricketPro 650 and CricketPro425 complete the regulation-sized Arachnid electronic dartboard lineup. Both dart boards feature scoring for five cricket games. The 650 features player handicapping, NylonTough segment construction, and LED display allowing four players to be shown at once. The 425 has a backlit LCD display and voice prompt feature.

Rounding out Arachnid’s electronic dartboard selections are the Interactive 3000, CricketPro 300, and CricketPro 110. These are smaller 13” dart boards as compared to the regulation-sized 15.5” dart board. All systems feature multiple games, including scoring for cricket on all models.

Some Available Arachnid Dartboard Models

Arachnid DartboardArachnid CricketPro 800 with Heckler
Arachnid Inter-Active 6000
Arachnid CricketPro 800
Arachnid CricketMaster 300
Arachnid Inter-Active 3000
Arachnid Free Standing Dart Board
Arachnid CricketMaster 300 with Cabinet
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Other Product Offerings

Arachnid soft-tip darts are available with 80 – 90 % tungsten barrel construction, and they also have a unique set that allows you to switch between soft and steel tips. You will also be able to find many of the Arachnid dart boards available in dartboard packages. They have everything you need to get started playing darts, including a dartboard, cabinet, darts, and all the mounting hardware.

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  1. We have a Dartonic 300 from Arachnid. It developed problems after just a few games. We have tried to contact customer support via the web and phone several times during the past three weeks. They have not returned our messages. Apparently they do not stand behind their products.

  2. I just received brand new in the box board from them after I had problem with board I just bought. No problems at all. Took only 4 days to receive new board.

  3. Completely agree with Paul. I called and left voice mails for 5 straight days with no response in addition to emails for 5 days. It takes superhuman strength to remove the soft tip darts from the board every time. I can’t emphasize how hard it us to get the darts out. I really want to play and enjoy. I went to a local dart store and the soft tips that came with the set are the smallest diameter darts that exist. Can I use steel tip darts with the Archnid Bull Shooter?

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