Arachnid Dartboards

Editorial Rating: 4 Stars
If it wasn't for Arachnid we might never have seen the pioneering development of the electronic dartboard. It was Arachnid machines that kick started the soft-tip dart revolution in the mid 80s and the sports popularity continues to grow today. The popularity lead to home versions of the game and the Arachnid name became synonymous with quality. Today Arachnid concentrates solely on amusement machines. The Arachnid consumer brand still lives on through DMI Sports who took over Arachnid's consumer division.

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Halex Dartboards

Editorial Rating: 4 Stars
The Halex brand is part of the Regent Sports Corporation a leading manufacturer of sporting goods. The name Halex to best known for it's quality table tennis products and it's 3-Star table tennis ball is an industry standard. The Halex name can also be found on a wide range of table games like foosball and air hockey tables as well as many electronic board games. Halex also offers an extensive line-up of darting products from bristle dartboards to electronic dartboards, as well as soft-tip and steel-tip darts and other accessories.

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Nodor Dartboards

Editorial Rating: 3.5 Stars
Nodor is one of the biggest names in darts and a world leader in darting innovation. Originally started as a modeling clay company, Nodor changed the face of darts with the introduction of the world's first bristle dartboard. The bristle dartboard, over time, has become the standard choice of dartboard for all major darts tournaments and they are found in many pubs and clubs throughout the world. Today many companies make bristle dartboards but still only a few can match the quality you will find with Nodor dartboards.

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Editorial Rating: 4 Stars
Founded back in 1937, Unicorn was built on an idea for improving and marketing darts. One of the first products Unicorn brought to the market was the Silver Comet dart, the first ever set of darts sold in a set of three and classed by weight. Along with other innovations like the first one-piece plastic flight there are few darting components and accessories that have escaped Uincorn's magic touch. Think of any dart product and the chances are Unicorn makes it. No wonder they call themselves The Big Name in darts.

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Viper Dartboards

Editorial Rating: 3.5 Stars
The Viper brand of darts and dartboards comes from GLD Products, a company that specializes in home gaming and casino products. GLD produces many table games including billiards, foosball and air hockey. To complement the Viper brand they also offer the Elkadart, Fat Cat and their own GLD line of darting products. The Viper line features a wide selection electronic dartboards to fit your needs. They also offer a great range of both steel-tip and soft-tip darts in a great range of weights and sizes to suit your style.

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Widdy Dartboards

Editorial Rating: 4 Stars
Widdy is one of the few companies that produces darts and dartboards for the game of American darts. This regional game is popular along the east coast and can be found in many blue-collar bars and taverns. Widdy dartboards are available in both wood and wound paper constructions and the unique construction of these boards allows you to rotate the dartboard with it's frame to reduce the wear on highly targeted areas. Widdy darts have a weighted wooden body and feature feathered flight. Widdy offer a unique product for a very unique game.

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Winmau Dartboards

Editorial Rating: 4.5 Stars
Winmau (pronounced “Win More”) is a name synonymous with big competitions and to this day their dartboards are still used by the BDO. The legendary quality of their dartboards has been furthered by their acquisition by their once fierce rivals Nodor. Winmau continues to be one of the biggest names in the world of darts and are at the forefront of dartboard technology with it's top level competition dartboards. Winmau world leading manufacturer that also produces a full range of top quality darts and a miscellany of other darting products.

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