As June is drawing to a close and July is quickly approaching, I’m starting to realize how little I’ve been playing darts recently. As much as I love my local pub, it has terrible air conditioning and there is no appeal to throwing a few arrows in that sweat box. Unfortunately, I live in a small apartment, and as I’m a conscientiousness tenant, I won’t mount my dartboard on any of the walls so I’m not practicing at home at the moment. On top of this, all my friends with dartboards are either on vacation or don’t want to be hanging around indoors when it’s so nice outside, and who can blame them?

So I got to thinking that I should come up with a way to play darts more often in the summer months and I came up with the not exactly new or original idea of playing darts outdoors. Now, I already have a host of outdoor games to play like washers, bocce ball, and even an old set of lawn darts, but what I really would like is to be out in the sun and play a little darts. I’ve seen a few people nail a dartboard up on a tree, but these are also people who leave it nailed to the tree with darts in it year round. Those dartboards don’t look too good after one good winter!

What I need is some kind of portable dartboard I can throw in the car and take to the many backyard barbeques I’ll be at this summer. I’m imagining a dartboard mounted onto its own stand so I don’t have to measure its height every time, and maybe it should also have some adjustable feet to level it as lawns tend to be uneven.

The idea of playing outside is appealing, but a prolonged session and a few drinks might take a toll, so I think a dining tent is also going to be needed. If we play into the night, we are also going to need some lighting. Now all of a sudden my portable darts system is getting a little cumbersome with all this gear I’ll need to carry around. Let’s hope it’s cold and rainy for the rest of summer so we can stay in and play some darts.

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