A good day to you all and welcome to blog. My name is Stuart and I love darts so hopefully I’ll be able to keep you entertained with my blog musings.

I first started playing darts when I was barely knee high to a grasshopper. My parents would play regular games round their friends’ houses, and when they had finished, the kids would wreak havoc with the walls and sometimes hit the board.

Although darts were always around growing up, I never really took playing darts seriously until I started going to the pubs with my friends. It was the combined love of a good pint of ale and the joy of losing money in games of Killer that first sparked my interest in playing darts. Neither I nor any of my friends were any good at darts, and winning a game was usually borne out of luck or dependent upon the amount of alcohol consumed.

It would take a few years before I decided I wanted to be better at darts and win some of my money back, so the next logical step was to buy my own set of darts and a board. I can’t remember much about the board apart from it being quite cheap and only lasting a couple of years out in the damp garage I used to play in, but I still have the darts and they are now one of the sets of “guest darts” I offer to anyone who stops by for a game. My current dartboard is a Nodor Supawire, and I have discovered over time that I prefer a lighter dart. I’m currently throwing 21 gram Harrows Power Point darts.

My dart playing has improved greatly over the years, and I can now pretty much hit the general area I’m going for. Maybe it’s time to start recording my average. The biggest improvement in my game happened last year after watching a documentary about dart legend Phil “The Power” Taylor. Taylor was practicing and explained his stance, sighting, and throw, and I’ve been trying to copy it ever since. Well, if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me! I’m still a long way off from throwing a “9-darter,” and “180′s” are still thin on the ground, but my dart throw is coming along a lot better than my golf swing. Cheers, Phil!

The thing that got me hooked on darts was the wonderful social aspect of the game, and to me, that is where the magic of the games lies. A few friends, a few pints, and a game of arrows—you can’t beat it.

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