Darts – It’s all in the name.


Without a doubt, the most important and understated aspect of playing darts is your nickname. All the top dart stars have one, so it’s imperative you get yourself one or else your averages will seriously suffer. Normally, picking your own nickname is not acceptable, but for darts we are willing to make an exception if […]

All I Want For Christmas Is The Darts

Darting christmas

The holidays are quickly approaching and all around the world boys and girls are hoping that Santa is going to leave them a set of Phil Taylor Phase 5 darts. Well, that’s unlikely. Kids nowadays are only interested in their Ataris and ColecoVisions, or some such nonsense. It’s not like in my day, when all […]

Playing Darts Outside


It was a total coincidence, but since my last post, about how I wanted to play darts outside, I went on a weekend camping trip and ended up playing darts outside. Every year, we go up to a little campsite with my girlfriend’s family and have a weekend of beer drinking, cards, horseshoes, and other […]

The Lean Months Need More Darts

outdoor dartboard

As June is drawing to a close and July is quickly approaching, I’m starting to realize how little I’ve been playing darts recently. As much as I love my local pub, it has terrible air conditioning and there is no appeal to throwing a few arrows in that sweat box. Unfortunately, I live in a […]

Mugs Away!

darts and ale

A good day to you all and welcome to DartboardReviews.com blog. My name is Stuart and I love darts so hopefully I’ll be able to keep you entertained with my blog musings. I first started playing darts when I was barely knee high to a grasshopper. My parents would play regular games round their friends’ […]