Playing With Yourself – Dart Practice Routines

Solo practice

It’s an old mantra you hear time and time again—practice makes perfect, and the only way you are going to improve your darts scores is getting into a regular practice routine. Establishing a regular practice routine will help you improve your muscle memory, which will result in higher and more consistent scoring. If you are […]

How to Make a Dart Backboard…MacGyver Style


I work in a very unconventional office. It has a lounge that includes a sofa, LCD TV with high def cable, Xbox 360, Guitar Hero, and a beer fridge. You might be left wondering how any work gets done around here. These are nothing but distractions, and whilst they are fun, they did lose their […]

Essentials for Home Dartboard Setup

darts and score

All you need to play darts is a dartboard, a wall to hang it on, and a set of darts. It doesn’t take much equipment to get started, and for under $100, you can pick up some top quality gear. This is all well and good, but if you want to get the most out […]

Shiny Happy Darts – A Guide to Dart Maintenance

steel dart point

The very heart and soul of your game is your darts. They are not only a mechanical extension of yourself, but represent the spirit of your unique darting expression. Just like Odin’s spear, Gungnir, your aim is true and your darts always hit their mark. At least, that’s how I feel when I’m playing well, […]

What You Need To Know To Set Up and Play

bristle dartboard

I’ve been avoiding doing this post as you can read it on a million other dartboard sites, but I have a good friend who has just started playing and she’s been bugging me about setting up a dartboard at home. So this one is for you, Michelle. To start, there is some basic equipment you […]

I’ve Broken My Nice, New Darts – Now What? Some Advice for the Dart Newbie

double dart

A work friend of mine recently bought his first house, and although he’s pretty new to playing darts, he couldn’t wait to set up his first dartboard. He asked me about buying a decent set of darts, and I found him a ridiculous deal on a set of Harrows Assassin darts on eBay–$15 for a […]