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Arachnid is the company at the forefront of electronic darting technology. They are the originators of electronic dartboards and the soft-tip darts system. Today, Arachnid, Inc., concentrates on … See the full review...



Halex opened its first manufacturing facility at the turn of the 20th century just outside London in an area known as Hale End. It is from Hale End that the name Halex was derived. One of the products they … See the full review...



Nodor started out in 1919, manufacturing modeling clay. The company name was derived from the fact that the clay had “no odor.” They started producing their first dartboards in 1923, which were made using clay. … See the full review...



Those who know their darts know the name Unicorn is practically synonymous with darts. Started back in 1937, Unicorn has been at the forefront of darts innovation. They were the first manufacturer to market … See the full review...



The Viper brand name is owned by GLD Products, Inc. Based out of Muskego, Wisconsin, GLD Products has been making home gaming equipment for over 30 years. Their products include pool and billiards table, … See the full review...



If you are a fan of traditional American Darts, you are probably already familiar with the name Widdy. American Darts is a popular game found in taverns throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and … See the full review...



Although the Winmau (pronounced “win more”) name only came into existence in the mid-seventies, the company has been making dartboards since 1945. Originally known as H.A. Kicks, the company started out … See the full review...



Darts – It’s all in the name.

Without a doubt, the most important and understated aspect of playing darts is your nickname. All the top dart stars have one, so it's imperative you get yourself one or else your averages will … [Read More...]

Solo practice

Playing With Yourself – Dart Practice Routines

It's an old mantra you hear time and time again—practice makes perfect, and the only way you are going to improve your darts scores is getting into a regular practice routine. Establishing a regular practice routine will help you improve your muscle memory, which will result in higher and more consistent scoring. If you are serious about improving your darts, then it's a must to have your own … [Read More...]


How to Play Cricket (Darts) – The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Cricket is considered one of the most popular dartboard games. Not only does it require dart-throwing skills, but it also involves considerable strategy. There are many variations to cricket as well, so players can always keep the game fresh. The premise behind all versions is that only certain numbers are considered in play. In traditional cricket games, these are the numbers 15 through … [Read More...]

Dart Back board

The Added Protection of a Dart Backboard

It doesn't take too many holes in the wall to realize you need some kind of protection around your dartboard. It might be when you're concentrating on trying to hit a double, or it might be because you've had one drink too many, but no matter how good you think you are, every once in a while you are going to miss that big target. So to preserve your walls, you need some kind of protection. If … [Read More...]

tournament travels

Traveling to worldwide dart tournaments

Playing darts in the comfort of your own game room, or local bar, brings plenty of joy. Organizing and playing tournaments is even better. What better way to show off all those skills you've built up over the years? But sometimes we crave a little more. Leaving local confines means finding better players, and the best players are found on the national and international circuits. So strap … [Read More...]